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Your New and Improved Shopping Bag

  • suit good outdoor riders and cyclist

Dozens of colors and designs to choose from

  • Azure Blue | Dots Shopping Box
  • Azure Blue | Flowers Shopping Box
  • Azure Blue | Solid Shopping Box
  • Cacao Brown | Dots Shopping Box
  • Cacao Brown | Flowers Shopping Box
  • Cacao Brown | Solid Shopping Box
  • Hibiscus Red | Dots Shopping Box
  • Hibiscus Red | Flower
  • Hibiscus Red | Solid Shopping Box
  • Lava Black | Dots Shopping Box
  • Lava Black | Flowers Shopping Box
  • Lava Black | Letters Shopping Box
  • Lava Black | Solid
  • Marine Blue | Dots Shopping Box
  • Marine Blue | Flowers Shopping Box
  • Marine Blue | Solid Shopping Box
  • Midnight Magenta | Dots Shopping Box
  • Midnight Magenta | Flowers Shopping Box
  • Midnight Magenta | Solid Shopping Box
  • Pink Berry | Solid Shopping Box
  • Spring Green | Dots Shopping Box
  • Spring Green  | Letters Shopping Box
  • Spring Green  | Solid Shopping Box
  • Stone Grey | Dots Shopping Box
  • Stone Grey | Flowers Shopping Box
  • Stone Grey | Letters Shopping Box
  • Stone Grey | Solid Shopping Box
  • Tangerine Orange | Dots Shopping Box
  • Tangerine Orange | Solid Shopping Box

Four sizes to fit your needs

meori boxes are a simple idea with infinite uses: organize your car trunk, errands, roadtrip packing, RV, camping and vanlife, playroom, craft supplies, outdoor and sporting gear and use for shopping at the grocery, wholesale club or farmers markets. They are the ‘go-to’ for collapsible, small space organizing. Made of high quality polyester fabric, these space-saving storage boxes and cubes can be used indoors and outdoors and are an innovative and stylish alternative to other totes and bags. Designed in Germany, meori’s lifestyle collection includes a full range of foldable boxes in assorted sizes, with stylish color and pattern options. Made of recyclable materials. Accessories designed to extend foldable box functionality like a shoulder strap and a cooler are also available.