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Portable Boxes for RV Storage and Organization

  • suit good outdoor riders and cyclist

Dozens of colors and designs to choose from

  • Azure Blue | Dots
  • Azure Blue | Flowers
  • Azure Blue | Solid
  • Cacao Brown | Dots
  • Cacao Brown | Flowers
  • Cacao Brown | Solid
  • Hibiscus Red | Dots
  • Hibiscus Red | Flower
  • Hibiscus Red | Solid
  • Lava Black | Dots
  • Lava Black | Flowers
  • Lava Black | Letters
  • Lava Black | Solid
  • Marine Blue | Dots
  • Marine Blue | Flowers
  • Marine Blue | Solid
  • Midnight Magenta | Dots
  • Midnight Magenta | Flowers
  • Midnight Magenta | Solid
  • Pink Berry | Solid
  • Spring Green | Dots
  • Spring Green  | Letters
  • Spring Green  | Solid
  • Stone Grey | Dots
  • Stone Grey | Flowers
  • Stone Grey | Letters
  • Stone Grey | Solid
  • Tangerine Orange | Dots
  • Tangerine Orange | Solid

Four sizes to fit your needs

Our boxes are good-looking and functional. We have a wide variety of colors and patterns to fit any décor and personal style. Whether for long or short trips, there is a meori for every type of item. Accessories extend the functionality. Anything fits in a Large Classic, especially handy to head off on day trips to the beach or lake. Use your Office box to keep files organized on the go. Medium boxes hold everything you need to keep track of your itinerary - or use our Cooler or Wine Insert or Carry Handle accessory for picnics or farmer’s market shopping. Our Small and Mini boxes keep essentials close at hand on your driver’s console or for toiletry items. For weather intense environments, consider our Outdoor box that is water repellent to stand up to the elements.