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  • Parade

    “Keep at home to store and transport bottles or in your car to shop at the wine store. This is also super useful while shopping or wine-tasting.”

    5 Sparkling Holiday Spirits that Pop

    Parade – November 2017

  • News-press

    “Good for someone who likes to travel with and transport wine is the Meori collapsible wine crate ($40). Boxes are cumbersome and can break. This carrier holds a case of wine, is padded, has handles, includes pockets for wine keys, and folds up neatly for storage.”

    Best wine gifts 2017: A wine lover's guide to holiday gifting

    News-Press – November 2017

  • RV-Pro

    “Transport groceries anytime or bring whatever is needed to set up for a portable party”

    RV Pro – December 2017

  • mens-fitness-logo

    “Organize your smaller items with meori’s new durable and dirt-resistant polyester Tailgate Carrier. It can carry up to 65 lbs., and will hold up to a few season’s worth of abuse.”

    The 21 Best Grills, Coolers, and accessories for your Next Fall Tailgating Party

    Men’s Fitness – October 2017

  • thefitrv-logo

    “This box really does live in our RV full-time now, right over the cab. It’s been handy for loading and unloading the rig, and in some small way, it’s helping me keep my sanity”

    Stef, The Id, and the meori Box

    The Fit RV – October 2017

  • bay-state-parent-logo

    “The Tailgate Carrier from meori is the perfect sidekick, capable of easily holding up to 65 pounds of food, drink, and supplies.”

    Add to Cart

    Bay State Parent – October 2017

  • Good-morning-washington-logo

    “Space is at a premium so this is awesome – The Tailgate Carrier!”

    Cutting-edge Tailgate Essentials to Make the Most of your Parking Space

    Good Morning Washington – September 2017

  • mommys-block-party-log

    “I can fold the meori Tailgate Carrier flat, bring it into the grocery store with me, and then just load my groceries directly into the meori Tailgate Carrier!”

    Keep your Car Organized with the meori Tailgate Carrier

    Mommy’s Block Party – September 2017

  • tiny-green-mom-logo

    “This handy, portable Shopper Bundle is simply perfect for light shopping and smaller spaces, and stores neatly in my trunk or pantry.”

    Hit the Farmer’s Market with the meori Shopper Bundle

    Tiny Green Mom – September 2017

  • kellys-thoughts-on-things-logo

    “Getting an item like [meori] can help you get rid of the clutter, so you’ll have that extra space. The storage scene just got 10x easier than it was before.”

    One Simple Idea That Comes with Infinite Uses

    Kelly’s Thoughts on Things – September 2017

  • Born-2-impress-logo

    “I found the quality I was looking for, but I also found a versatile foldable box that unfolds in three steps…”

    One Simple Idea – Infinite Uses

    Born 2 Impress – September 2017

  • winemaker-magazine-logo

    “Ideal for carrying homemade wines to gatherings or trips to the local market…”

    What’s New

    WineMaker Magazine – August/September 2017

  • raising-dick-and-jane-logo

    “This foldable carrying box made hauling snacks easier as we could load it up and then fold it down once everything was unloaded or eaten. Talk about better storage space in the car!”

    Five Products Everyone Should Know About

    Raising Dick and Jane – September 2017

  • hudson-valley-wine-magazine-logo

    “Its reinforced handles and interior mesh pockets (perfect for toting small gadgets) makes struggling with an awkward cardboard case a thing of the past.”

    What’s New to Buy, Try, or Do

    Hudson Valley Wine Magazine – August 2017

  • swaay_logo1

    “The small meori is a foldable storage accessory is ideal for organizing small spaces (hint -- dorm rooms and first apartments), and is a perfect fit for standard cube shelving units.”

    Fall in Love with These Female-Founded Back-To-School Goodies

    SWAAY – August 2017

  • get-green-be-well-logo

    “ANYTHING that could be stored and stashed in a car or truck – I wanted it to be organized from here on out. But I also wanted as room as possible in my trunk for when I wasn’t using the car organizer. That’s why meori organizing products are so great!”

    The Very Best Car Organizer

    Get Green Be Well – August 2017

  • bay-state-parent-logo

    “[meori’s] foldable carrying boxes can be used throughout a household for organizing and storage in any room, to your car for trunk tidiness, to on-the-go outdoors (beach, camping, and even the grocery store).”

    Add to Cart

    Bay State Parent Magazine – August 2017

  • Consumer-Queen-Logo

    “Use meori anywhere and everywhere. Organize your home, run errands and fold it neatly away with this smart, modern design.”

    Back To School Shopping Guide 2017

    Consumer Queen – August 2017

  • good-morning-arizona

    “Take it to school, stick it in your locker or travel around your house with all of your supplies.”

    Preparing for Back to School

    Good Morning Arizona – July 2017

  • mom-on-the-side

    “meori’s Shopper Bundle is foldable, sturdy, AND has a carrying handle! Yes, I got a little excited about the handle because it makes carrying things SO much easier.”

    Make Quick Trips Easier with meori’s Shopper Bundle

    Mom on the Side – July 2017

  • week99er-logo

    “For quick trips to the market, to the store or even every day errands the meori Shopper Bundle is perfect to have on hand.”

    Carry More Home from the Farmer’s Market with the meori Shopper Bundle

    Week99er – July 2017

  • green-global-travel-logo

    “Here’s a look at some of the new items we’ll be taking along on our journey, from swimwear and sunglasses to snorkeling/scuba gear and sun protection.”

    Beach Vacation Packing List 2017

    Green Global Travel – July 2017

  • sip-wine-educate

    “The meori Collapsible wine carrier – my super cool new wine accessory!!! How fun is this?”

    meori Wine Carrier

    Sip Wine Education – July 2017

  • surprise-AZ-Mom

    “I really love the convenience and durability of the meori tote.”

    meori tote

    Surprise AZ Mom – July 2017

  • twin-cities-live

    “Great thing to keep in your car, you can fold the whole thing down.”

    TCL in Your Town

    Twin Cities Live – July 2017

  • epicurean-charlotte

    “Ideal for trips to the winery and the local market, the new meori Wine Carrier keeps 12 bottles upright and padded during use and conveniently folds flat when not in use.”

    Make Toting Wine Easier Than Ever

    Epicurean Charlotte: Food & Wine Magazine – July/August 2017

  • hippie-sweetheart

    “After you unload your groceries, you can just fold it right back up and then you can store it under the car seat – anywhere.”

    How We Manage Clutter in Our RV

    Hippie Sweetheart – June 2017

  • winnebago-life

    “RVs and meori were made for each other. Whether it’s loading up items to pack into the rig or gathering food and items to carry out to a picnic table, the beauty of the meori boxes is that they are substantial and, when not in use, collapse to take up very little space.”

    GoGear: Best Box Ever

    Winnebago Life – June 2017

  • red-tri

    “From lovies and plush toys to rattles and board books, soon you'll need spots to stash tons of stuff. Available in a rainbow of colors (so one is bound to match your nursery) meori's Foldable Boxes are designed to fit on most bookshelves.”

    Get Organized, Baby: 11 Clever Nursery Storage Tools

    Red Tricycle – May 2017

  • cache-family

    “This German-designed storage solution is a small thing that has made a big difference for me. It folds flat really simply when not in use, but opens up to hold things I need when I’m on the go.”

    meori Storage Boxes

    Cache Valley Family Magazine – May 2017

  • Baby and Kids logo

    “These storage solutions hold toys in a kids’ room or sports gear in the trunk of a car with reinforced handles to carry up to 65 pounds.”

    Editor’s Picks

    Baby & Kids Magazine – May 2017

  • Mommy Talk Show Logo

    “My trunk was a mess, but the meori foldable boxes inspired me to clean out my car’s trunk. All of my shopping bags are organized and stored neatly. I can also remove the meori box and take it on the go.”

    Make Your “Mom Mobile” Safe and Organized for Mother’s Day

    Mommy Talk Show – May 2017

  • Fox 6 Milwaukee

    “The cool thing is [a meori box] will fold down flat when you’re not using it.”

    Looking for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift?

    FOX 6 Milwaukee

  • Consumer Queen Logo

    “Use meori anywhere and everywhere. Organize your home, run errands and fold it neatly away with this smart, modern design.”

    2017 Spring and Summer Gift Guide

    Consumer Queen – May 2017

  • USA Today Logo

    “An essential for the mom who needs her own special storage space for the car, the home office or a closet.”

    Gifts for Mother’s Day 2017 That Cost Less Than $100 Today – May 2017

  • Preston Hollow People

    “For the uber-organized OCD mama, check out the assortment of storage organizers courtesy of meori. Available in an array of styles, sizes, and designs, these “boxes” are both sturdy and convenient, easily folding flat when not in use.”

    Mom’s Moment: Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

    Arizona Foothills Magazine – May 2017

  • Preston Hollow People

    “These attractive fabric boxes with sturdy frames come in many bright colors, can carry up to 65 pounds, and have reinforced handles and an elastic band to hold them closed when not in use. They would look fabulous on pantry or closet shelves and are equally useful in the car to keep items organized and readily accessible.”

    Trending in the Kitchen

    Preston Hollow/Park Cities People – May 2017

  • Posh Beauty Blog

    “After you’ve gotten everything clean, it’s time to organize and colorful kitchen totes by meori are so perfect.”

    Spring Cleaning Tips

    Posh Beauty Blog – April 2017

  • My Thoughts Ideas and Ramblings

    “I love how easily this fits into my luggage and how easily it was to pop it open and use it again. ”


    My Thoughts Ideas and Ramblings – April 2017

  • Sailing Totem

    “Love this snappy folding carrier from meori and how it organizes our contributions for easy transport!”

    Cockpit Potluck

    Sailing Totem – April 2017

  • Gifts and Decorative Accessories

    Large Classic Box offers two compartments and is ideal for creating storage space or carrying groceries and supplies ”

    Flower Power

    Gifts and Decorative Accessories – March/April 2017

  • The Travel Diet

    “To keep the car organized, we have meori foldable boxes. There’s two mesh pockets, it can hold up to 65 lbs. ”

    Life Savers for Your Next Summer Road Trip

    The Travel Diet – March 2017

  • The Travel Diet

    “The cool thing is [a meori box] folds flat when you don’t need it. ”

    Must-Have Products for your Next Summer Road Trip

    Good Morning Arizona – March 2017

  • Boat Fam – March 2017

    “Then I found these [meori] boxes that are foldable and can expand to your storage needs. If you live in a small space, you know that these kinds of boxes are a lifesaver. ”

    Mom and Boys Day in Marsh Harbour

    Boat Fam – March 2017

  • Grinning Cheek to Cheek – March 2017

    “Find a way to store toys and items near where they belong. Totes meant for the outdoors, like the meori Outdoor Tote, are perfect. ”

    Spring Activities for the Lazy Mom (Like Me)

    Grinning Cheek to Cheek – March 2017

  • IHA Discover Design Blog – March 2017

    “Every meori product is designed to be stylish and practical for modern families. The foldable boxes easily transition from use in any room of the home to use in the car, the store and even the outdoors. ”

    Discovering Design: Meet meori

    IHA Discover Design Blog – March 2017

  • ParentGuide News – March 2017

    “Each meori box starts flat and effortlessly unfolds into a stable and durable storage solution capable of organizing and carrying up to 65lbs (that’s a lot of toys, books and diapers!).”

    5 Sleek Nursery Must-Haves

    ParentGuide News – March 2017

  • 2016 International Home + Housewares Show

    Visit us at the 2017 International Home + Hardware Show in Chicago, USA

    Booth number N8637-N8638

    Location: Discover Design Expo-North Building, Level 3, Hall B1

  • "[meori’s] colorful, foldable boxes are smart enough for small spaces and tough enough to live large."

    Family Finds

    Family Time Magazine – March 2017

  • villager

    "Billed as the “go anywhere, hold anything” storage solution designed to organize everyday life, meori foldable boxes go from slim stowaways to durable boxes with reinforced handles, capable of storing and carrying up to 65lbs in three simple steps"

    Spring Forward: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Spring Cleaning

    The Florida Villager – March 2017

  • "Among the exhibitor lineup at the 2017 Arrow Distributing Exhibitor Showcase was RV newcomer meori"

    meori Debuts Container Lineup to U.S. Market

    RV Pro Online – February 2017

  • "One thing I’m super excited about is the meori foldable boxes that we’ve been able to try out. When I went through our kid’s school books and craft/drawing books, I had a goal to fit them all into the medium meori box. It worked! I’m shocked at how much these boxes can hold!"

    Airstream Renovation Weeks 21-22

    BareNeckers – February 2017

  • "Likely one of our favorite tricks for managing an at-home command center is a collapsible box, bag or bin that you can pull out to process incoming paperwork, overflowing bags, and oh-so-full purses and backpacks. Featured: meori box"

    10 Command Center Must-Haves

    Simply Spaced – February 2017

  • "The company, which was founded in Hamburg, Germany, three years ago, hopes to make inroads into the U.S. RV market this year, according to meori General Manager Deirdre Meyer, whose husband developed the product."

    New Systems Simplify Ordering, Tracking for Arrow:
    New Vendor Draws Attention

    RV Pro Online – January 2017

  • "Let meori help you organize your new year. The boxes are very durable and can hold up to 65lbs. Get organized at home, outdoors, on the go, or travel-ball for you Sports Moms. I love the mesh pockets and elastic bands which hold the boxes when folded for storage."

    New Year Newsletter

    At Home with Nikki – January 2017

  • 2016 International Home + Housewares Show

    “I love these pop containers from meori! like to try to stay organized but finding a spot for every little knick knack can be hard. I like keeping these around to organize spots where items tend to gather–desk areas, entry ways, etc.”

    Gifts for the House
    The Mommy Avenger – December 2016

  • 2016 International Home + Housewares Show

    “I’ve gathered everything you might need in an emergency – whether big or small – and compacted it into the meori foldable box with two compartments... The meori box has proven to be quite durable. Its quality made and holds up well to a large semi-unorganized family.”

    Winter Car Emergency Kit
    The Mommy Avenger – December 2016

  • 2016 International Home + Housewares Show

    “For the smaller gift baskets, I ordered a bunch of my favorite organizers in red – that way it’s also part of the gift itself and something useful to keep beyond the holidays. The mini meori organizer is the perfect size. I was able to include the wine, one of the red stemless wine glasses, the cocktail napkins, and some fun straws – with plenty of room if I wanted to add some cheese or a treat or two.”

    Tis the Season to Give… Wine!
    The Magnolia Mamas – December 2016

  • 2016 International Home + Housewares Show

    “Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that are both functional and beautiful. meori is a company that specializes in decorative folding storage containers. Roughly translated, meori means ‘the fantastic idea of folding’. They have containers in all shapes, sizes and colors. These are great for storage, shopping, organizing seasonal items and transporting objects from one place to another.”

    Foodie Gift Guide for all Tastes and Budgets
    The Celebrity Café – December 2016

  • 2016 International Home + Housewares Show

    “It’s a great place for parents to store diapers, wipes, creams and more, and can transform into a holder for other necessities once diapers have come and gone. It can even be used to keep groceries from rolling around the back seat. It’s roomy and can hold up to 65 pounds.”

    Top Holiday Gifts Under $100 for Him or Her – December 2016

  • 2016 International Home + Housewares Show

    “It’s storage on the go! The Meori boxes are flexible and foldable to bring storage with you when you need it and to store it away when you don't. Perfect for organizing new toys, old clothes or odds and ends from around the house, and the material folds up flat for its own easy storage.”

    More for Moms
    Washington Parent – December 2016

  • 2016 International Home + Housewares Show

    “I am in LOVE with this foldable box – I have it in my pantry and it is perfect to organize my snacks. What I love about the box is that you can use it in pretty much any room of the home.”

    Holiday Gift Guide 2016
    Budget Savvy Diva – December 2016

  • 2016 International Home + Housewares Show

    “ We love the ability to pack up snacks before a car ride. Of course the snacks are gone in five minutes, so we just fold the box and put it in the pocket behind the car seat.”

    Holiday Gift Ideas for Me (Mom)
    Goodbye Normal – Decemeber 2016

  • 2016 International Home + Housewares Show

    “[meori] works well for daytrips, picnics, family reunions, cookouts… Folding down when not in use is great for RVers with limited storage space.”

    meori Foldable Boxes Review
    Ditching Suburbia – November 2016

  • 2016 International Home + Housewares Show

    “Overall, I love these totes. My kids use them as traveling zoos, toy storage, even sorting games. They can carry them around by themselves or push them along the floor, and I’m not concerned about them getting damaged. The meori totes literally have potential for use in every room with every activity, from sorting crafts to picnics to toys and more.”

    How to Organize Your Chaos (a little)
    Grinning Cheek to Cheek – Novemeber 2016